BitcoinYo API is the service for users who want to pay with bitcoin.
Create a link, copy it and sell what you want.

BitcoinYo Option

Red options are required , Green options are optional.

TYPE (Required*)

TYPE is the type of cryptocurrency. We support BTC/BCH/ETH.

address (Required*)

address is owned by you. When the coin is deposited, it will be sent to this address.
Can not be chaged during transaction.

amount (Required*)

amount is price that you want to get. The default unit of amount is BTC/BCH/ETH.

itemName (Optional)

itemName will be described on your invoice.
It supports UTF-8 encoded character.

invoiceMail (Optional)

invoiceMail will send it to you when your transaction is completed.
If you cannot receive any mail , please check you spam mailbox.

redirectUrl (Optional)

redirectUrl is url destination to move page when your transaction is completed.
Whole query string will be return.

notificationUrl (Optional)

notificationUrl is place where your server can receive request when your transaction is completed.
Whole query string will be return.

myProductId (Optional)

myProductId is whatever you want to receive when your transaction is completed. it can identify which product is deposited. myProductId is one of cases of example. you can use any name.
But, special characters are not allowed.

escrow (Optional)

escrow An option to enable your escrow payment. it completes when your buyer confirms a transaction.

escrowMail (Optional)

escrowMail is the email address of the buyer in the escrow payment. If you do not enter this option, you will be prompted for your purchase.

currency (Optional)

currency is the unit of currency that you want to sell price.

customLogo (Optional)

customLogo is a customized logo. Allow external image URL.

customColor (Optional)

customColor is a customized color for invoice design. Allow Hex color code.

customUrl (Optional)

customUrl is the URL that will be moved when the logo is clicked.

BitcoinYo Restful API

It is rest api provied by{YOUR_TRANSACTION_ID}

It checks the invoice on your server side, and then returns the succeed-value only for the first request.

* it must be checked to prevent duplicate payment when your transaction is completed.